Facts About Battery Recycling in Sydney

Batteries are the most common hazardous waste type found in landfill across Australia. Although the are indeed recyclable, only a meagre 6% are actually disposed of responsibly for reprocessing. Each year, roughly 350 million batteries are purchased. About 2/3 of these end up in landfill. Batteries contain a number of potentially harmful materials in including acid, lead, lithium, cadmium, alkaline snd mercury. If they are not disposed of correctly, the casing will disintegrate in landfill and these chemicals will seep into the earth causing irreversible damage.

Battery Depot

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As you may know, batteries contain quite a few hazardous materials. Battery recycling is very important and needs to be taken care of responsibly.

The Facts About Battery Recycling

• Materials in batteries can be recycled to make a number of products including car batteries, fertilisers, rubbish bins and plant pots.

• The acid in batteries is actually quite valuable and can be used to make detergents, glass and textiles.

• A massive amount of car batteries can be recycled – up to 98%.

• The nickel use in the manufacture of batteries can be recycled to make stainless steel.

• A lead-acid car battery contains 2-3 litres of sulphuric acid.

• Materials inside batteries such as cadmium, nickel, mercury and lead can have huge impacts on the environment if not disposed of correctly.

* Statistics sourced from SITA.

As can be seen above batteries can be extremely dangerous when disposed of in landfill. But on the plus side, contain may valuable materials which can be recycled and reused. So if you have any old old batteries that needs to be removed from your office or home, you can seek out dedicated battery disposal spots (for example, in ALDI or IKEA stores across Australia). If your workplace uses of a lot of batteries, encourage them to use a dedicated rubbish removal service to dispose of them correctly. Don’t just throw away old car batteries, call your waste removal guys Sydney Rubbish Services, and we’ll take care of it!

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