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By February 18, 2017 Recycling, Rubbish Removal

Fridges and freezers are amongst the most difficult household items that you will need to discard in your lifetime. They are also one of the more common things you will find discarded on nature strips or littering streets around Sydney. They are extremely heavy, and without a vehicle in which you can transport them safely, can be very tough to get rid of. Luckily Sydney Rubbish Services specialise in fridge removal, so we can get rid of any fridge or freezer you no longer needs, no matter the circumstances.

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Removing an old fridge or freezer can be tricky and very stressful – especially if you have a new one and no space to store the old. Sydney Rubbish Services specialise in efficient, sustainable and affordable fridge removal from your home, apartment or business.

The Different Types of Fridges

Top Freezer

These are the most common types we come across in fridge removal. Top freezer fridges are usually the cheapest option and a therefore very popular. On this type of fridge, the freezer portion is mounted on top of the fridge and usually takes up about a third of the total fridge volume. The only disadvantage of these is that the freezer element is can be quite hard to reach for shorter people.

Bottom Freezer

This style is the exact opposite of the above, where the freezer potion sits below the fridge. This means that frozen food is easier to access while the fresh food section is at a more suitable height. The freezer section usually just slides out. These fridges can be a little heavier than top freezer models and can be tricker to move.


On these models, the fridge and freezer sides are more equal in size (though the fridge side is usually a touch bigger). Side-by-side fridges usually contain add-ons like ice and water dispensers and they also have adjustable shelves. These extras can be very bulky and hard to get rid of!

French Door 

These fridges combine the benefits of both the bottom freezer type fridge and side-by-side style. The fresh food section opens in the middle with two doors revealing a much bigger space. Below there is the freezer section with a pull-out drawer. Again, these usually contain add-ons like ice and water dispensers and they also have adjustable shelves, and are usually the heaviest models and the hardest to remove.

Compact Fridges and Wine Coolers

These are compact, miniature fridges – often called bar fridges. They are also ideal for small rooms and offices. Most compact refrigerators have only a ver small freezer capacity, or none at all.

Wine coolers are similar in size to compact fridges, however, feature glass doors and racks made specifically for storing wine. Deluxe models can offer digital temperature regulation to maintain the optimal drinking temperature for red, white and sparkling wines. While most are the size of a compact fridge, there are also full-sized options avaliable and even larger custom models. These are very tough to get rid of and because they feature glass doors, can be quite dangerous!

No matter what kind of fridge you have, if you need it gone, give Sydney Rubbish Services a call!

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Difficulties in Removing Fridges

Although it might seem obvious that fridge removing is difficult, there are actually are a few factors that may make the whole ordeal even more stressful than you originally thought. Depending on where you live in Sydney, in particular in the inner city, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West, your local city council will have different regulations regarding fridge disposal in your local area.

Many councils require that you dispose of your fridge at a dedicated recycle facility. Others require that it be removed only at particular times (often fortnightly or even monthly) – and even this depends on the size of your fridge. All councils have very strict rules about how and when your fridge is supposed to be disposed of.

These rules can be difficult to navigate and in turn can pose problems if you are in the process of getting a new fridge and you have limited storage space (heavy fines apply for dumping fridges), or if you don’t have the necessary assets to remove it yourself.

Even if you do have a ute or van, recycling facilities may be difficult to access. Sydney Rubbish Services specialise in the inner city, Inner West, greater North Shore and Eastern Suburbs – areas where recycling facilities are few and far between.

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Why It’s Best to Get a Removalist

The regulations in place across Sydney are there in order to keep our city clean and clutter-free – this is why are so strict. However, managing an entire city or municipality is a big job and council services are often inefficient and seldom timely. Fridges are highly recyclable items and the council expect you to do so. Depending on where you live in Sydney, fridge removal is a strict and infrequent service and differs depending on your location.

Sydney Rubbish Services offer efficient, sustainable and highly affordable fridge removal from your home, apartment or business. We have over 10 years experience in the industry, with a highly competent and friendly team who will exceed your expectations with any task you throw at us.

Don’t stress over lugging your fridge, freezer or ancient ice chest to the curb, don’t wait weeks for the council to present their services and don’t fret about hiring a vehicle to take your old fridge to one of the few recycling facilities in your local area – if there is one. Sydney Rubbish Services can take care of everything.