How To Tell If Your Mattress Should Be Disposed

By December 19, 2017 Rubbish Removal

Old mattresses are one of the most common items that you’ll find littering alleyways or nature strips around Sydney. They are bulky and difficult to remove, and without a ute or van they can be rather awkward to throw away. Sydney Rubbish Services specialise in bulky item removal and can remove your mattress no matter where it is.

But when it comes to your mattress, how do you know if one is ready to go? This may be something you’ll want to consider when doing a spring clean, or when you are throwing out any other items.


When it comes to your mattress, how do you know if one is ready to go? Take a look below, and when you’re ready to get removing, give Sydney Rubbish Services a call.

What Are Mattresses Made From

Common types of materials found in mattresses:

• Cotton – cotton is a popular material commonly found in mattresses. It is light and breathable and very soft.

• Foam – another popular option, foam is more adaptable to what ever is placed on it. It regulates temperatures well and is easy on the body. Aside from classic foam mattresses you can get beds with memory foam, viscoelastic foam gel memory foam and polyurethane foam.

• Wool – wool is often used for extra padding and temperature in mattresses

• Adhesives – used to bound layers and seams together

• Steel coils – steel coils make up the main structural component in a mattress, used to create a firm support base

How To Tell If Your Mattress Should Be Disposed

Mattresses gain weight over time, some say even at a rate of 10% per year. This means that after ten years, your mattress will weight almost double its original weight, due to a build up of oils, moisture, and other mildly disgusting things.

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A good way to tell if you should get rid of your old mattress is to check the label to see how long the warranty is for. This is a rough indication of how long they should last. Also, use your own judgement: is it lumpy? Are the springs poking through? Is it less comfortable? Is it getting dirty?

Disposing Of Your Old Mattress

Sydney Rubbish Services specialise in the removal of any kind of mattress; from singles, all the way up to king-size doubles. While singles may fit easily enough through doorways, getting them outside can be extremely difficult, especially without the right equipment or an extra set of hands. Removing your deluxe king mattress is twice as hard.

Council cleanup services are infrequent and often won’t align with your plans for getting a new mattress. Leaving a mattress on your nature strip or in the alley beside your house will look bad, destroy your lawn, and it poses a health risk for you or your family (mice and rats find mattresses the perfect home). Getting rid of them right away is the best option. That’s where we step in.

With more than 10 years experience and an extremely capable team, we can cater to any of your mattress removal needsContact us today.