A Guide to Rubbish Dumps in Sydney

[DISCLAIMER: We are NOT a rubbish dump, this is just a handy guide to rubbish dumps and tips in Sydney – Give us a call if you need rubbish removal services]

Sydney is an expansive city, and if you’re looking to dump rubbish, you might have to look a bit further than your own backyard. Rubbish tips are few and far between, and while creating rubbish is easy, getting it out of your house and to a dump is not.
rubbish dumps sydney

Looking for a rubbish dump Sydney? Here is all you need to know. Better yet, give Sydney Rubbish Services a call – we’ll take care of everything for you!

Whether you are doing a bit of spring cleaning, moving house, building a house or cleaning up your yard, its almost guaranteed you’re going to make a mess, so here is a bit of info on rubbish dumps Sydney – better yet, give Sydney Rubbish Services a call! We’ll take care of everything so you won’t have to lift a finger.

SITA (now SUEZ) have the most extensive network of rubbish dump Sydney locations. Each charge a fee to dump there. Here are their locations:

Artarmon Waste Management

Auburn Waste Management

Belrose Waste Managament

Chullora Waste Management

Eastern Creek Waste Management

Lucas Heights Waste Management

Rockdale Waste Management

Ryde Waste Management

Seven Hills Waste Management

Hit the link on each location to see more info and their fees and services. Or head here.

Kimbriki Resource Centre is another large Sydney tip, providing a large selection of rubbish dumping services. You can read about their terms, conditions and fees here.

In terms of recycling, and construction and demolition waste, there are a few options. Recycling includes everything from bottles and cans, to cardboard and e-waste. Demolition site material dumps  often charge hefty fees.

Here is a list of recycling waste dumps in Sydney.

Here is a list of construction and demolition site dumps in Sydney.

Waste disposal outside of the standard weekly council rubbish services can be tricky. Many of the landfill and recycling centres are located on the outskirts of Sydney. Sydney Rubbish Services understand this and as such we operate in area where access to rubbish disposal centres in limited.

We specialise in rubbish removal in the inner west, inner city, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs and will act as the middle men between you and the rubbish disposal professionals.

If you’re in need of any rubbish disposal services contact us today or book a free quote online. Sydney Rubbish Services are more than capable of getting the job done right and in a eco-friendly manner.