Scrap Metal Removal Sydney

By February 28, 2017 Recycling, Rubbish Removal

Have you been working on a project in your garage and have some scrap metal on your hands? Or does your business always have leftover bits of machinery, offcuts or metal junk lying around?

Get in touch with Sydney Rubbish Services. We have more than 10 years experience in scrap metal removal Sydney. No matter what you have need to get rid of, we’ll take care of it quickly and we’ll make sure we leave everything spotless!

scrap metal removal sydney

Scrap metal removal Sydney: if you have any scrap metal on your hands, don’t delay in getting rid of it, give Sydney Rubbish Services a call. We’ll take care of it, no fuss.

Common Scrap Metals

Aluminium – Aluminium is used in everything from cans to car parts and is very easy to scrap and recycle due to its light weight and malleable nature.

Brass – Brass is very common in plumbing fixtures, typically in faucets. It is made from a combination of copper, zinc and other elements.

Cobalt – Cobalt is a very useful metal. You can find it in some old batteries.

Copper – Copper is commonly used in coins, plumbing and electronics.

Copper Wire – Insulated copper wire and cabling is very common and takes up a lot of space but is very easy to recycle.

Iron – Iron is common found in piping, BBQs, heaters and car engines and can be reused in many different ways.

Lead – Lead is very important to recycle as its production is very energy intensive yet it is very easy to recycle. You will find it in phones and batteries amongst other products.

Nickel – Nickel is hard and very ductile. You will find it in smaller quantities in things around the house like guitar strings and batteries. Australia is one of the world’s biggest nickel producers and recyclers.

Steel – Steel has many uses in the modern world and is highly recyclable. In fact, it is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. You will find it used for everything from kitchenware to mesh fencing.

Tin – Tin is another metal you will find in most households that can easily be recycled. Because of its low toxicity, tin-plated metal is commonly used for food packaging (tin cans).

TitaniumTitanium is light and very resistant to corrosion but is also very recyclable. In a household, you will commonly find titanium in sporting gear like tennis rackets, bike frames and golf clubs, as well as outdoor equipment.


Scrap Metal and The Environment

Scrap metal can be summed up as any recyclable materials leftover from either manufacturing or consumption, as well as general household junk, old whitegoods and electronics.

Disposing of scrap metals responsibly is very important. Most metal types are entirely recyclable and making sure you do your part can make all the different when it comes to helping preserve our natural environment.

As an example, recycling steel saves a huge amount of resources over using raw iron ore, reducing air pollution, water wastage, energy and water pollution. Each tonne of scrap steel used over new steel saves over 1,000 kg of iron ore, 625 kg of coal and 50 kg limestone.

Scrap Metal in Your Home or Business

There are few things more annoying to have lying around your home or business than scrap metal. Metal can take up space that can be best used for other purposes, it is also a hazard, especially in households. If you are moving office or retail space, you might also be left with lots of metal junk on your hands.

Taking metal to a recycling plants is costly and potentially dangerous without the proper equipment or without a ute to get it from A to B. Especially with clunkier items like fridges, car parts, old metal furniture or household fixtures, using a designated rubbish removal services is always the best option.

scrap metal rubbish removal

Scrap Metal from Renovations or Building Sites

If your house is being renovated, or if you are managing a building site and have a whole bunch of junk metal lying around, don’t delay in getting rid of it. These materials can be hazardous and take up a lot of room.

Skip bins are also not the best option for building site waste removal or for office/retail strip outs contrary to popular belief. It makes it extremely hard to separate materials sustainably when everything is thrown into one place and taken to a landfill. This makes it much harder to responsibility recycle scrap metal!

Skip bins take up a lot of room too, and in construction sites where space is limited this can pose many problems with efficiency and management of waste. Skip bins in households are also very problematic. They can ruin your grass, take up plenty of room and offer a nice home for rats and other vermin – quick and efficient junk removal is your best option!

Sydney Rubbish Services can handle any job that is thrown at us when it comes to scrap metal removal Sydney. Our professional team and sturdy trucks are reliable and efficient and we always think sustainably. There is no job too big or small, so if you need any metal junk removed, contact us today or book a free quote online!