Where To Dispose of Rubbish – Rubbish Disposal in Sydney

In Australia, there are a few major methods for rubbish disposal, each with their pros and cons. These are what occur after the rubbish removal process and should be taken into consideration when assessing what to do with the waste that you need to dispose of. Landfill is the most common, with recycling and incineration supplementing waste removal when is it most necessary, such as when environmental factors are involved.

Being aware of what rubbish can do to the environment is extremely important in knowing how to correctly divide and dispose of your waste. Sydney Rubbish Services are experts in this respect so we’ve put together a helpful guide to rubbish disposal and where do dispose of rubbish in Sydney.

Landfill, recycling and incineration are rubbish disposal systems that have been put in place to ensure waste is properly regulated.


Landfill is the most common form of rubbish disposal you will find around the world. It basically entails burying rubbish in the earth with the use of heavy machinery. It’s commonplace to find landfills scattered across cities around the globe and Sydney is no exception. In Australia we often refer to landfills or a rubbish dump as ‘the tip’ – but these are more general places where rubbish can be dropped off, rather than waste management centres.

Despite its prevalence, landfill is a rather outdated form of rubbish disposal. Landfill requires careful separation of waste so as not to contaminate the earth with toxic chemicals or non-biodegradable materials. It is a costly procedure and also takes up a lot of space. There are newer techniques for rubbish disposal that are making landfill redundant, however, it has not been completely outdated just yet.

For residents of Sydney, there are are few options where to dispose of rubbish. These landfill centres are managed to a high environmental standard, however, are quickly running out of space.

The biggest in Sydney include:

• Kimbriki Resource Centre – Terry Hills

• SITA Resource Centres in Seven Hills, Lucas Heights, Rockdale and Belrose

• Kurnell Landfill – Kurnell


For those who are unaware, recycling refers to the process of converting waste materials into the new, useable products and is a major factor in the fight against environmental destruction through minimising the harnessing of raw materials from the earth. Only certain products can be recycled, but they make up a large chunk of waste yielded by humans.

Despite common misconceptions a wide variety of items are recyclable, however, need to be separated into different recycling categories. These include electronic items (which may be very harmful in landfill), whitegoods and large materials like concrete and bricks, containers and packaging, garden waste/green waste and dangerous materials like paint.

Recycling centres in Sydney include:

• Kimbriki Resource Centre – Terry Hills

• North West Recycling Centre – Riverstone

• Hassall Street Recycling Centre – Wetherell Park

• Chullora Resource Recovery Park – Chullora

There are also scrap metal recycle centres across Sydney.

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Incineration disposes of materials by burning at high temperatures, converting them into residual or gas products or reducing size for landfill. This is a largely outdated process and is not practiced in Sydney any longer, although there are many historical incinerators scattered around the city.

Other Types of Rubbish Disposal

Among the major types of rubbish disposal there are a some which supplement larger waste management systems with more specialised techniques for specific products.

These include:

  • Composts heaps: For personal use, compost heaps are specifically for bio-degradable products that slowly break down over time at a molecular level, creating a rich soil for use in farming or at home.
  • Plasma gasification: Uses highly ionised or electrically charged gas which created extremely high temperatures that breaks down products at a molecular level, creating a liquid or gas waste product from solid waste.
  • Resource (energy) recovery: Is the process of retaining useful bi-products from waste for reuse as fuels.

Waste disposal outside of the standard weekly council rubbish services can be tricky. Many of the landfill and recycling centres are located on the outskirts of Sydney. Sydney Rubbish Services understand this and as such we operate in area where access to rubbish disposal centres in limited. We specialise in rubbish removal in the inner west, inner city, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs and will act as the middle men between you and the rubbish disposal professionals.

If you’re in need of any rubbish disposal services contact us today or book a free quote online. Sydney Rubbish Services are more than capable of getting the job done right and in a eco-friendly manner.