Washer and Dryer Removal

By October 24, 2020 Rubbish Removal

White goods are amongst the hardest household rubbish items to get rid of. They are also one of the most common that rubbish removal services deal with everyday.

Washer and dryer removal will require a few sets of hands and a good sturdy truck – if you’re in need of either give Sydney Rubbish Services a call. We’ll be glad to help.

Washer and Dryer removal

Washer and dryer removal can be tricky, even with a few sets of hands and a sturdy truck. If you have any white goods that need getting rid of, give us a call today!

Dryers and Washing Machines

Much like fridges or air conditioners, dryers and washing machines are bulky and difficult to get rid of. These kinds of items are actually very recyclable though. Sydney Rubbish Services are always eco-conscious and every item we pick up we make sure is disposed of responsibly.

White goods take up a lot of room in your home, so immediate disposal is usually necessary, especially if you are replacing the old with a new machine. Don’t place any more stress on yourself by cluttering up your home or business. Get rid of your white goods immediately!

Types of dryers and washing machines we accept:

Front-loader – These washing machines contain the door on the front. They generally have a greater capacity and are much heavier due to the weights required to hold the machine down.

Top-loader – These washing machines contain the door on top. They are generally a bit cheaper and more nimble machines.

Heat pump dryer – These dryers use a heat pump to dry clothes. They are more energy efficient and resilient than other dryer types. No venting is required.

Condenser dryer – These dryers condense the moisture inside the dryer into water then pump it into a water tank or through an external hose. No venting is required.

Sensor dryer – These are more advance dryers that finish drying when a sensor reads that the clothes are done. They are more expensive than standard dryers.

Vented dryer – The classic dryer, blows hot air through the clothes which evaporates the moisture. The hot, humid air is then blown out via a venting duct.

Washer and Dryer Removal Difficulties Difficulties

Depending on where you live in Sydney, your local city council will have different regulations regarding washer and dryer disposal in your local area.

All councils have very strict rules about how and when your fridge is supposed to be disposed of, and many councils require that you dispose of your white goods at a dedicated recycling facility.

These rules can be difficult to navigate and in turn can pose problems if you are in the process of getting a new washer or dryer and you have limited storage space (heavy fines apply for dumping white goods), or if you don’t have the necessary assets to remove it yourself.

Even if you do have a ute or van, recycling facilities can be difficult to access. Sydney Rubbish Services specialise in the inner city, Inner West, greater North Shore and Eastern Suburbs – areas where recycling facilities are few and far between.

Don’t even think about lifting a finger for washer and dryer removal in Sydney. Our fast and efficient team can take care of any job, no matter how big or small.

Give us a call today for a quote! You won’t be disappointed.







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