Timber Removal Sydney

Timber can be a real nuisance to get rid of. Not only is it bulky, taking up precious space in your home, but it can be dangerous and quite tricky to remove. If you have scrap wood that you want gone from your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Our team will handle any job with speed, courtesy and efficiency.


Timber can be a real nuisance to get rid of. If you’re looking to get rid of any old wood scraps or items you no longer need, give us a call today!

Types of Timber

Treated Timber – This is timber that has been treated with pesticides protect it from insects such as termites, which can wreak havoc on the wood, as well as fungi and other types of rot that damage it over time. Most woods that have been treated are softwoods, as they are more susceptible to pests. Treated timber is used for everything from house and deck framing, flooring, cladding, to fencing and garden furniture.

Untreated Timber – As you might have guessed, untreated timber dies not contain pesticides. It also hasn’t been painted, varnished, or stained. This includes everything from crates and pallets, to hardwood fences, hardwood floors, firewood, and garden waste. Erratas.

Using a Rubbish Removal Service Instead of Doing It Yourself

Cleaning can be very therapeutic, but for many, doing it all alone can be quite difficult. Firstly, it can be quite time consuming. A household cleanup can take days or even weeks and once the job is done, you might be left with a whole lot of waste on your hands and no time to get rid of it.

Secondly, without a truck or ute, getting timber to a recycling facility may be near impossible. Our fleet of sturdy trucks have more room than you’ll ever need, so we can take all of your scrap away in one go.

Even if you do have access to the necessary transportation, timber items can be very heavy! Don’t strain your back doing it all yourself. Let our team doing the heavy lifting for you.

Recycling Timber in Sydney

It is crucial to work with an eco-friendly rubbish removal service who know the importance of recycling. Untreated timber is 100% recyclable. It can be re-milled and recycled for other uses and is a complete waste when dumped in landfill. We have access to every wood recycling facility in Sydney and will make sure your scrap wood is taken to the right places, every time.

Timber resources are becoming increasingly scarce and the catastrophic impacts of over-felling tress are becoming ever more apparent. Always recycle wood where you can!

If you need a scrap wood removal service who are fast, efficient and eco-friendly, give us a call today. With 10 years of experience in the industry, a dedicated team and the right equipment to cater to your needs.