Office and Retail Strip Outs

The use of a retail or office space will ultimately dictate what the area needs and doesn’t need. Commercial strip outs are our specialty, no matter if its an office space, retail or industrial, we offer a full and comprehensive service, right from the demolitions phase to the clean up. The benefit of using a rubbish removal service like Sydney Rubbish Services is that we have the means to complete the entire job with minimal fuss or changeover of services, meaning that the entire process is seamless, and most of all, painless.

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Office and retail strip outs will ultimately leave you with a mess on your hands, one that will most definitely require help from a rubbish removal service like Sydney Rubbish Services.

What does a strip out entail?

Office, retail or industrial space strip outs require a degree of delicacy, as much as would be required when renovating a section of a house. First of all, the removal of old equipment such as computers, shelving, chairs and desks poses the issue of disposing of the waste in an eco-friendly manner. Sustainable rubbish removal is the cornerstone of Sydney rubbish Services.

A lot of the waste collected as a result of office or retail strip out would be classified as electrical waste, or E-waste.  This encapsulates everything from DVD players to old cables, computers, phones, fax machines and printers. They are put into their own category because they often contain dangerous or precious materials like lead and mercury which need to be disposed of correctly.

They can be extremely harmful to the environment and need to be treated with care. Dumping these items in landfill can have catastrophic effects on the environment – something cannot be risked by disposing of materials incorrectly.

Aside from office or retails furnishings, stripping out a space yields an array of different types of waste that are difficult to dispose of. This often includes bulky, cumbersome materials that should be removed immediately to minimise chances of injury. Common building waste includes bricks and tiles, carpeting, wood, shelves plumbing and concrete.

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Demolition Services

Aside from rubbish removal itself, Sydney Rubbish Services are demolition service experts. Stripping out an office or retail space is called “bringing it back to it’s shell” – ultimately leaving a blank canvas for refurbishment or renovation. Demolitions, especially a complete strip out, require a comprehensive set of tools which are quite expensive to buy. All of Sydney Rubbish Service’s experienced employees are armed with the gear necessary for complete and comprehensive demolitions – from sledgehammers to dustpans.

Rubbish Removal Hire vs Skip Bin Hire

Obviously stripping out an office or retail space will mean you have a lot of waste on your hands that needs to be removed quickly so work can begin on the fit out process. Rubbish removal is a far better option for getting rid of the waste than using a skip bin hire service. Skip bin removal is extremely inefficient. It can take weeks for the whole process to be complete. For most retail or office strip out situations, space is extremely limited and skip bin hire is not even an option.

A Rubbish removal service will take of the job much more efficiently, making sure that codes and regulations are met, and the space is kept clear and safe. The best thing about hiring a rubbish removal service like SRS is that this entire process if taken care of by one party, keeping everything streamlined and easy.

Utilising our 10 years of experience in the industry with our dedicated, capable team to cater to your needs, we can tackle a job of any size and, of course, in an eco-conscious manner. Contact us today or book a free quote online!