3 Things You Need To Remember About Green Waste Removal in Sydney

By November 8, 2016 Recycling, Rubbish Removal

Sydney is a green city. From the leafy North Shore, to the inner west and Eastern Suburbs you’ll find trees and lush gardens everywhere you look. But with a lush garden comes the constant need for maintenance. Keeping up your front or back yards is a never ending task, and often requires special equipment, the right vehicle and a lot of yard work to get the job done. That’s where we come in. Sydney Rubbish Services have been operating in Sydney as a premier green waste removal service for over a decade now. For us, no job is too small and no waste too big.

green waste removal

Green waste removal is constantly required all the way across Sydney, from the North Sore to the inner west. For Sydney Rubbish Services, no job is too big or too small.

Green Waste is Recyclable

Most of the waste produced from garden cleanups and yard maintenance is organic waste, which is recyclable. When organic waste decomposes in a tip or landfill it produces methane (which is a potent greenhouse gas) and is very harmful to the environment. Therefore, green waste needs to be disposed of responsibly.

Green waste like grass clippings, leaves, weeds, plants, small twigs, flowers and branches are all biodegradable and need to be disposed of in a sustainable manner. Those more bulky materials like logs, stones, soil and timber are also recyclable, but need to be disposed of at designated recycling facilities. A rubbish removal service is your best option here!

Green Waste is Difficult to Remove

Although most councils provide weekly green waste removal services, a big yard cleanup will generally leave with you more waste than you can deal with. Most people don’t own right kind of equipment to dispose of green waste in large quantities – preferably a ute or a trailer or even a home mulcher or wood chipper – and some garden waste, like large logs, soil, sand or stone won’t be accepted by council services.

green waste pickup

Using a Removal Service Is Your Best Option

Landfills in Sydney are few and far-between, even if you do have the means to get there, as are designated recycling facilities. Old garden waste is also a major health and safety risk in your home, will quickly start to rot, and is generally an eye sore if left in your yard. Getting rid of it right way is your best option!

This is where Sydney Rubbish Services come in! Utilising our 10 years of experience in the industry and our dedicated team to cater to your needs, in an eco-concious manner of course. Contact us today for a quote!