Labour Hire Sydney

By April 19, 2016 Rubbish Removal

Sydney Rubbish Services are by no means limited to rubbish removal, we also offer professional labour hire services to suit the needs of any situation where you might need waste removalists. If you have any jobs where you might need a couple of extra hands, to undertake some heavy lifting, or to do some demolition work, we are your guys. And best of all, we take the excess waste away right there on the spot, leaving your place squeaky clean.

Labour Hire Sydney

Sometimes it’s best to call on helping hand, and we offer all kinds of labour hire and handyman services. Don’t go breaking your back, call on your rubbish removal guys.

Landscaping & Garden Waste Removal

A couple of times a year a good garden cleanup in usually in order, and for those who aren’t regularly trimming back their yards this will usually yield a fair amount of ‘green waste’. This can include everything from large items like tree stumps, branches or rocks, to smaller bits of waste like grass clippings and dead foliage. Garden waste removal needs to be conducted in an eco-friendly manner, and seeing as much of it can be recycled responsibly, your best bet is to call in help from rubbish removal experts. For any heavy lifting, or assistance removing bulky items, or any other needs you might have in the backyard, Sydney Rubbish Services are more than happy to help.

Old Furniture Removal

If you’re moving houses, or have any old furniture that you need to get rid of, chances are you don’t have the means to do so. Furniture removal is finicky business, and once you do get them out of the house, dumping large items such as couches and tables is heavily moderated by local council. It is becoming more and more difficult to get rid of waste via charity services too who generally only take the best and are strict on dumping near charity bins. We can help in every aspect, including the removal and disposal, or even careful demolition of unwanted furniture and household waste. Of course we also dispose of all recyclable materials responsibly and in a sustainable manner.

We are also seasoned decease estate cleaning experts, capable of getting the job done quickly and with only the most care.
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Mattress Removal

Mattress removal can be surprisingly difficult in most households. They are extremely awkward to move and carry, and they also tend to gain weight over time due to a build up of oils, moisture, and debris. This means that while getting them into a room may have been easy, removing them will be much harder. Our team are highly experienced at all types of rubbish removal and mattresses are one of our specialties.

It should also be noted that dumping mattresses is illegal fines apply for dumping. Your best bet is to call in Sydney Rubbish Services who can do all the work, start to finish, for you.

Fridge Moving and Fridge Removal

Fridges and mattresses the bread and butter of rubbish removal services. It’s rare that people will want to buy used items and usually just getting them out of the house is half the battle. We are more than capable of tackling any fridge removal situation with utmost care for your household. We have all the necessary equipment needed to remove old fridges, or other whitegoods, and our team is highly capable and always respectful.

Shed Demolition


When you are thinking of renovating a kitchen or bathroom, generally the first thing you need to do is strip out the old. We are demolition professionals as well as waste removal experts and have the means to get your old space prepped and ready for renovation.

Stripping a room back, also known as ‘bringing a room back to its shell’, requires fairly hands-on work. Our team is more than able to take on any job, then quickly remove all the waste – sinks, baths, plumbing and shelving. We also specialise in the demolition of sheds or standalone garages, often which require care due to dangerous materials like rusty galvanised iron or allergens.

Handyman Hire

These are just a few of the services we offer labour hire for. But no matter what the job is we are more than capable of taking care of it in a speedy, comprehensive, eco-conscious and cost-effective manner. For labour hire, handyman work and waste removal, contact us today or book a free quote online!