Old Furniture Removal in Sydney

By February 6, 2017 Rubbish Removal

Old furniture is one of the most common items we come across removing rubbish in Sydney. Every home in the country is filled with furniture, and most furniture isn’t forever.

Whether you are moving house, dealing with removing rubbish from a deceased estate or are simply updating the furniture in your house, Sydney Rubbish Services are your guys. Get in touch with us today for a quote.

old furniture removal

Old furniture removal is one of the most common tasks we across in the rubbish removal game. If you have a job for us, give us a call. We’ll pick up any old furniture you have to throw away, and we’ll get the job done fast and cheap!

Garage Cleanouts

Garages can fill up quite quickly, especially if they are being filled with old furniture or whitegoods. These household items can be quite tricky to deal with and a hazard if not taken away quickly. Don’t hesitate when it comes to old furniture rubbish removal. Your garage should be a space you can use!

Moving House

If you are moving house there’s a good chance you will be looking to buy new furnishings for your house, and will need to throw out the old. Moving homes is a lengthy process, especially if have you have lived there for a long time. You may not quite realise just how much you have accumulated over time. The moving process can then seem like an endless task, especially if you don’t have access to a ute or truck, and if the local rubbish dump is a fair distance away.

These are some common items that we will gladly take off your hands:

Old fridges


• Old mattresses and bed frames

• Dressers, chairs and other common room furnishings

• Couches

Sydney Rubbish Services are a fully capable rubbish collection service – we will gladly help you remove old furniture from your house, take it away and, of course, clean up after ourselves. If you’re in need of labour hire when moving too, we are your guys.

Moving Apartments

It can be very tricky to remove furniture from apartments. Most blocks are quite tight and manoeuvring through stairwells and down lifts can be quite an effort. Also, many of those who live in apartments don’t have access to vehicles necessary for moving something like a couch or cabinet. That’s where getting a rubbish removal service is key – we have the equipment, skill and manpower

Moving Businesses

Moving houses is a mammoth task, second only to moving business. Whether its an office block or retail space, moving business is going to leave you with some old furniture on your hands, including:

• Desks

• Lamps

• Chairs

• Filing cabinets

• Shelving units

While a household will hold a pretty wide variety of furniture types, offices and retail spaces will generally hold much more. No matter how big the job, Sydney Rubbish Services can take care of it. The same goes for office or retail strip outs! We are your guys.

Old Furniture Removal

Moving house or business are the only times you’ll will need somebody to collect your old junk. Sydneysiders are updating their homes constantly – new fridges, couches, beds – and despite the excitement of buying something new, there is always that lingering issue of what to do with the old furniture.

Council pickup services are infrequent, often cost money, and have strict guidelines on what you can and cannot throw out. There are also heavy fines for dumping rubbish on nature strips or in alleyways.

Charity collection services are also very strict on what they will and will not pickup. They generally only pick up furniture that is in very good condition – chances are your old furniture is not.

So what is left to do? Even if you have a ute or truck, loading a heavy couch or fridge is a job in itself, let alone having to take it to one of those far away rubbish tips. You know what to do – give Sydney Rubbish Services a call. We’ll pick up anything, take it away quickly and efficiently and do so for a great price.

If you’re in Sydney – whether it’s the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West or North Shore, give us a call today for a quote! You won’t be disappointed by our 10 years + experience and our helpful team.