A Guide To Autumn Cleaning and Rubbish Removal

By March 14, 2016 Rubbish Removal

Autumn is finally here, and while we haven’t quite waved goodbye to summer, the reality is that some serious clean-ups are in the foreseeable future. The warmer months tend to yield a hefty amount of green waste or general household waste, both indoors and out, that will need to be dealt with before they stack up for winter. Use this handy guide to autumn cleaning to determine where those waste goldmines are, then give us a call to take care of all your rubbish removal needs.

Autumn Leaves

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Autumn requires as much cleaning as spring, if not more. Keeping on top of things will mean a tidier house in winter. Make sure you cover all these bases for autumn cleaning and rubbish removal.

Key Areas to Focus On


Green waste will be your biggest culprit as autumn rolls around. Keeping on top of dead leaves is important for keeping your backyard tidy and reducing fire hazards. Unless you have a compost heap, removing that waste immediately is your best bet for making sure there is minimal chance of a disaster. Unauthorised burning of debris is illegal in Sydney!

• Make sure you focus on cleaning out your gutters as this can be a devastating factor for house fires.

• As the debris from trees threatens to build up around your backyard, make sure you don’t forget to ensure all drains are free from obstruction. Blocked drains can encourage flooding, especially in wet seasons.

• Consider removing dead tree limbs before they become a hazard. Windy conditions can wreak havoc on houses; to avoid the risk of further damage remove any limbs that looks as though they might break off easily.

• Clean out your BBQ. If not cleaned correctly, old grease and ash will destroy your barbecue over months of disuse in the winter. Remove all unwanted waste with a scourer and barbecue cleaner and discard old coals and ash appropriately.

• Remove any outdoor furniture that have been damaged over summer.

• Consider cleaning out and organising sheds and garages, removing any green waste or rubbish that may have built up from summer maintenance.

autumn cleaning and rubbish removal

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• If you have a fire place in working order, make sure it is given a good clean before first use. Remove any spiderwebs, excess dust and old debris that can pose a fire hazard.

• Consider a comprehensive indoor autumn clean throughout the entire house before the colder days really start to roll in and you will be spending much more time inside.

• Get one step ahead of bugs, carcinogens and pollen:

  • Clean your bedding as very high temperature to kill dust mites. Consider mattress removal if they are old – mattresses build up waste from dust mites and dead skin at a horrifying rate over time.
  • Give your house a thorough vacuum including carpet floors, blinds and couches. Clean out or remove the vacuum bag immediately.
  • Clean your heaters, focusing on air filters.
  • Remove sediment from hot water filters.
  • Consider animal grooming before winter when they will likely be spending more time inside to minimise excess fur around the house.

• If you are getting carpet installed for winter, don’t just store the old in your garage or shed, we can get rid of it for you.

Removing the Rubbish

Doing a large-scale household cleanup twice a year is an extremely effective way to ensure a clean house all year around. Waste builds up quite quickly, and if not addressed right away it can take up precious space, pose health risks to you or your family or mean that your house will not be in the best state it could be.

Setting aside weekend or two to tackle indoors and outdoors is the best way to approach autumn cleaning. An extensive clean is very likely to produce more rubbish than your weekly council services can handle. The best option is immediate waste removal removal from and SRS are your guys.

We specialise in North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner City and Inner West rubbish removal and yard waste removal. If you’re thinking about getting stuck in to some autumn cleaning in the next few months, contact us today or book a free quote online. We’d love to help you get the job done right.