Check out the awesome signage on our brand new rubbish removal trucks!

By June 7, 2016 Rubbish Removal

We recently bought an arsenal of brand new white trucks to make sure we can keep up with the ever growing demand for rubbish removal in Sydney. However, we thought white was a little too bland, so we gave all our of trucks a bit of a makeover – just to make sure you know it’s us.

rubbish removal service

Need a rubbish removal service in Sydney? Keep an eye out for our brand new trucks and get ready to write that number down!

Sydney Rubbish Services offer a range of waste removal services – from mattress removal and fridge pickups, to labour hire and demolition services. Need home rubbish removal or an office waste pickup service? We can handle any job you have. Just keep an eye out for our trucks and remember to write that number down.

We’ll get the job done, we won’t keep you waiting, we will clean up all the mess with a smile. If you have any rubbish removal needs, contact us today or book a free quote online. Sydney Rubbish Services are more than capable of getting the job done right and in an eco-friendly manner.