Concrete Removal Cost

By January 24, 2017 Rubbish Removal

Building site waste removal is one of our specialities. Efficient concrete removal is a common requirement for any building site where space is limited and organisation is very important. Construction and building site waste makes up a huge proportion of rubbish that ends up in landfill. Much of this is concrete.

As we well know, landfill space is rapidly running out in many areas which means we may see a shift in the requirements for rubbish removal on building sites across Sydney in the near future. This may very well affect the concrete removal cost is due time. For a quote on concrete removal, contact us here.

concrete removal cost

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What Is Concrete Made From?

Although concrete and cement are commonly considered two of the same, they are actually two separate materials. Cement is actually a part of concrete, which is made from three main elements: water, aggregate (rocks, gravel, sand etc) and cement, which acts as a binding agent. When combined, the three make concrete mixture which is then poured and eventually sets.

Why Skip Bins Are NOT The Best Option

Despite their popularity, skips bins are rarely the best option for building site waste removal, especially if large quantities of concrete are involved. Skip bins take up a lot of space, which can be a huge concern in dense areas like the inner west, CBD and lower north shore of Sydney. They also have a relatively small capacity, especially when you’re dealing with materials like concrete.

Skip bin hire and pickup is very expensive, and if they fill up quickly, the concrete removal cost can get out of hand quickly. It is far cheaper to have a rubbish removal service like us on hand to quickly and efficiently take your concrete away. Our trucks can also take a much bigger load than any skip bin could, meaning we can take more away in a single load. The bigger the load we take, the lower the cost for you!

Concrete removal

Recycling Building Waste

Much of the waste that comes from building sites is high recyclable. Sydney Rubbish Services specialise in waste assessment and sustainable rubbish disposal, where we separate and categorise waste on building sites, assessing where best to dispose of it. While this might not have a direct impact on concrete removal cost, it is important to hire somebody who is eco-concious like Sydney Rubbish Removal.

Minimising Waste on Building Sites

Minimising waste on a construction site can play a huge role in reducing costs and improving building efficiency. Ordering materials in a timely manner can help reduce the amount of packaging wasted on a building site. Also many of the offcuts and waste products yielded from demolition and refurbishment can be reused, ultimately reducing overall material consumption.

Sydney Rubbish Services can handle any job that is thrown at us for building site rubbish removal. Our professional team and sturdy trucks are reliable and efficient and we always think sustainably. There is no job too big or small, so if you need concrete removed contact us today or book a free quote online!