Rubbish Collection in Sydney

Rubbish collection in Sydney is a massive task! Being a major metropolis means that Sydney produces a lot of waste, and with such a massive urban and suburban spread, this encompasses a vast array of waste types. That’s where Sydney Rubbish Services come in. Rubbish removal is our specialty, no matter what it is. Let’s take a look at some of our areas of expertise.

rubbish collection

Rubbish collection in Sydney in a massive task, but Sydney Rubbish Services can take care of it all. Mattresses? Garden waste? Fridges? You name it. We’ll come in and take it away, no fuss.

Mattress Collection

Mattresses are widely known to get heavier over time. This is due to a build up of moisture, dust and other (gross) particles, oils and some other disgusting things that we won’t mention here. After 10 years, the average mattress can double in weight, making it extremely difficult to move.

Council cleanup services are infrequent and often won’t align with your plans for getting a new mattress – unless you’re very lucky. Dumping mattresses is illegal and can cost you a hefty fine; and leaving a mattress on your nature strip may destroy your lawn or pose health risks for your family. All in all, disposing of it immediately is your best option. Sydney Rubbish Services take care of mattress removal from your house, garage or apartment, no fuss, no mess.

Fridge Collection

Fridges are amongst the most difficult items to remove from your household. They are extremely heavy and awkward, and without a vehicle in which you can transport them safely they can be near impossible to dispose of. Many councils require that you dispose of your fridge at a dedicated recycling facility, rather than your local tip. If you don’t have a ute or van, this will be rather difficult.

Depending on where you live in Sydney, council fridge removal is a strict and infrequent service and differs depending on your location. Don’t trust it, just call up Sydney Rubbish Services for all your fridge removal needs. We’ll come right away, pick up your fridge, clean up the mess and leave a smile on your face.

Garden Waste Collection

Spring cleaning? Buried under a mountain of autumn leaves? There are a few times of the year where you just need to et stuck into your garden, lest it become an unruly mess. Garden waste removal is one of our specialities. No matter how bulky or small the item, we’ll get rid of it for you. We’ll even sweep up after!

A big cleanup of your garden will most definitely yield more waste than can be fit in your council bin – if your council provides one (some don’t!). For those without means to transport green waste to the few tips in Sydney, we are your best option.

rubbish collection

Office Waste Collection

Offices are one of the biggest sources of waste in the city, with rubbish ranging from recyclables (cans, bottles, containers), paper and cardboard to E-waste, furniture and food organics. Without an organised rubbish removal system in place, this waste will get out of hand very quickly – not something you need in a work environment.

No matter what you need to get rid of, we will take care of it efficiently and surreptitiously so as not to disrupt your work place. Whether it’s weekly or once a year, or even an office strip out, Sydney Rubbish Services are your go-to for all your office rubbish removal needs.

Household Rubbish Collection

Aside from fridges, garden waste and mattresses, there is a plethora of items that households often need removed by professionals. Household waste is commonly known as solid waste (different from liquid waste such as sewage or anything else that goes down your drain). This can be anything, from whitegoods to furniture, olds books and magazines, electronics, paint tins and kitchen waste.

If you’re doing a big household cleanup and need to get rid of the rubbish quickly and efficiently, we are your guys.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the rubbish collection services we offer. Sydney Rubbish Services will quickly and efficiently collect any waste that you need gone. With 10 years of experience in the industry, a dedicated team and the right equipment to cater to your needs, there’s nobody better. Get in touch with us for a rubbish removal quote here.