Hard Rubbish Collection

By April 11, 2017 Rubbish Removal

Sydney Rubbish Services have been specialising in hard rubbish removal for over 10 years across Sydney’s inner-city, Inner West, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs. We pride ourselves on excellent service and, as a family run business, developing strong relationships with our valued clients. Over the years we’ve seen it all, and there’s nothing we don’t know about hard rubbish removal.

Hard Rubbish Collection

Are you in need of fast, efficient hard rubbish collection whenever suits you best? Give Sydney Rubbish Services a call today! Our team will take care of any waste you have on your hands, no problem.

Hard rubbish encapsulates a wide range of waste produced by homes and businesses. Many councils offer infrequent hard rubbish collection outside of their usual weekly rubbish removal services. However, their service is usually limited to just a small amount of waste and they have very strict rules about when and what they will can pick up.

You are much better off working with a quick, affordable, efficient rubbish removal service like Sydney Rubbish Services, to take the hassle out of removing hard waste.

What Is Hard Waste?

Hard waste includes:

Old furniture or house fittings – from chairs to wardrobes, to mattresses or old sinks

Carpet, lino and other types of flooring

• Toys, sporting goods, bicycles and other items you will typically find taking up room in a shed

• Household tools and equipment, including lawn mowers and whipper snippers

• Metal items like fixtures and scrap metal

• Old tiles

Sand, soil and concrete

Green waste, including clippings, tree branches and leaf waste

Paint tins

• E-waste (old computers, printers, batteries, fans, heaters)

White goods, including fridges, freezers, washers and dryers

Getting Rid of Hard Waste

As you can see, hard waste encapsulates a huge range of items commonly found in households that are quite tricky to get rid of and cannot be thrown out in your weekly rubbish bin.

For those living on the North Shore, the closest community rubbish dump is Kimbriki, all the way in Terry Hills; for those in the Eastern Suburbs or inner City it’s in Alexandria; and for those in the Inner West you’ll have to travel all the way to Chullora. We also understand that many residents don’t have a ute or even a wagon to transport their hard waste.

This is where Sydney Rubbish Services come in!

Sydney Rubbish Services will quickly and efficiently remove any household rubbish that you need gone, with 10 years of experience in the industry, a dedicated team and the right equipment to cater to your needs.

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