The 7 Common Types of Rubbish

Although ‘rubbish’ is an relatively commonplace word for trash, it is actually a blanket term for  7 different waste categories. These groups are very helpful when considering the best approach for waste removal. So that you have no trouble discerning which category your waste falls into, we’ve put together a list detailing the different types of rubbish so that you can evaluate the best approach for its removal. Chances are Sydney Rubbish Services will be your best option.

types of rubbish

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From things that need to be removed from your household to waste from a building site, here are the 7 common types of rubbish that you will find across Sydney.

Household Waste

Household waste removal is what we come across everyday in our homes: everything from food scraps to liquids to packaging. While council services offer the weekly removal of this kind of waste, sometimes you may find yourself up to your chin in it. That’s where Sydney Rubbish Services come in.

Green Waste

Another waste product you’ll find coming from households, green waste is a little different as it needs to be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner – something we thrive in doing. This waste will break down naturally over time and therefore should not be disposed of with regular household waste. This can be anything from apple cores or old veggies, to things from your yard like branches and tree clippings which are bulkier and need to be removed of with a rubbish removal service.


A common type of rubbish found in households, recycling is anything that can be reused to create another product, such as paper and cardboard, or glass and scrap metal.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is regulated by government bodies and is considered highly dangerous. This can mean harmful pharmaceuticals, carcinogens or chemicals, or flammable materials. These can pose risks to public health and safety and need to be disposed of correctly.

types of rubbish

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Electrical Waste

Electrical waste is also commonly referred to as E-waste and encapsulates everything from DVD players to old cables, computers or record players. They are put into their own category because they often contain dangerous or precious materials like lead and mercury which need to be disposed of correctly. They are often extremely harmful to the environment and to humans and need to be treated with care.

Medical Waste

Medical waste is produced by health care clinics, hospitals, aged care facilities or vets and is often treated as being extremely hazardous. This waste can be produced in homes as well and if so should be disposed of delicately and responsibly as it is one of the most dangerous types of rubbish out there.

Building Waste

Building waste is anything produced from renovations or demolition – also referred to as construction debris. This often includes bulky, cumbersome materials that should be removed immediately to minimise chances of injury. Common building waste includes bricks and tiles, carpeting, wood, baths, plumbing or concrete. Skip bins are rarely the best option – go for rubbish removal for a quick, efficient and comprehensive clean up.

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