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Why Us?

Performance: we get the job done.
Fast response: we don’t leave you waiting.
Integrity: we maintain an honest and open communication with our client.

Sydney Rubbish Services is a family run business, with a focus on a fast and cost effective solutions for all your rubbish related needs.

We’re a friendly team with a reputation built on our comprehensive service. So whether you are renovating, moving house, spring cleaning or moving office. Check our suburbs page and let us handle the mess!


With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, we started out with a simple goal: To provide a fast, efficient, high quality rubbish removal service.

Since then the business has thrived as the demand for services grew rapidly. With the expansion of our client base came the added services of demolition and labour hire.

The success of the business has evolved through strong client relationships. As a result, we strive to continually deliver outcomes which exceed our clients expectations.

Trust is the hallmark of the Sydney Rubbish Services experience and has led to many clients choosing us for repeat business.


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"Sydney Rubbish Services were efficient, courteous and great value. Completed the job to a high standard with respect and protection of common areas. I was so impressed I've used them twice already and will be using them again for any future work!"

− Craig

"He was on time, did the job and it went well. The pricing was good as well."

− Yolanda

"Taf was excellent. He was communicative and responsive. His crew were efficient and tidy, keeping the site in a tidy manner. Highly recommended."

− Yew-Ming Lau

"Taf was very professional, did what he said he would do, and he was clean. I would recommend him to anyone."

− Simon

"Sydney Rubbish Services were excellent."

− Karen

"Sydney Rubbish Services were very professional, reliable and everything they said they did. They were excellent and I would recommend them."

− Sam