Moving House or Business Premises Rubbish Removal

Moving is always a massive hassle. Relocating to a new house or business premises will undoubtably yield a massive mess, from items that need to be thrown away because they won’t fit in the new space, to old junk that you stored years ago and no longer have a use for. It’s incredible the amount of excess waste that builds up after living or operating in one place for a long time, usually because the disposal of smaller objects is not worth the effort. However, these small objects tend to build up, and when it’s time to go, pose a much bigger problem. That’s when it’s best to get in touch with a rubbish removal service like Sydney Rubbish Services.

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Moving house or business premises will inevitably leave you with a mess on your hands. Leave the job to a rubbish removal service so you can focus on the move – not the leftovers.

Moving House Rubbish Removal

Moving house is extremely stressful, no matter what the circumstances. Although it can be very exciting getting a new place, it is a long and winding road until you can comfortably settle in.


• When selling, making sure your house is absolutely spotless is usually the first step. Start in the front and back yards, plus any exterior spaces like garages and sheds. These spaces will generally make the first impression so making sure they are de-cluttered is very important. Giving your gardens a good grooming is very important to show the potential of a space. This will create a decent amount of green waste. One of the many types of rubbish you’ll have to remove in the cleaning process.

• ‘Showing’ your home will mean it has to be absolutely spotless. Not just clean of general rubbish and clutter, but stripped back – almost like a movie set. This might mean starting to get rid of items that you have been reluctant to throw out over the years, but now know you no longer need – old books and magazines, furniture, electrical waste, paint tins – the list goes on.

• You may choose to remove your carpets in order to show of nicer floor boards underneath, or replace them all together. The same goes for curtains, rugs and couches. When moving, refined and neutral is better.


The actual moving process will inevitably uncover masses of waste that you have stored over the years and no longer need. This process is often then most stressful – especially if you don’t have any access to a van or ute.

Moving houses is generally a time where people also choose to upgrade their homes and what is in them. Fridges, furniture that will not suit a new space and mattresses are common items that will need to be disposed of when moving house. Sydney Rubbish Services offer a full range of services, we can help you remove your rubbish, carry it for you, take it away and clean up afterwards. If you’re in need of labour hire when moving, we are your guys.

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Moving Business Premises Rubbish Removal

Commercial spaces, while they might not generally hold as wide a variety of stuff as a residential space, can often have a lot more waste.

• E-waste: This is a massive factor to take into consideration when moving business premises. Properly disposing of E-waste is crucial in making sure your move is as eco-friendly as possible. Computers, printers, telephones, TVs, car batteries and fax machines all contain harmful chemicals that need to be disposed of properly, not just dumped anywhere.

• Furniture: Disposing of old desks, chairs, lamps and shelving units poses a huge problem when moving business premises. These items are bulky and extremely hard to remove without proper transportation. We have a large fleet of brand new trucks and all the man-power to take care of removing furniture for a business of any size.

• Recycling: Businesses are bound to have a large stockpile of old, unwanted recyclable material – files, packaging, boxes etc. We have access to most of Sydney’s best recycling plants, which are by far the most responsible option for removing old waste. No matter how much you’ve had built up over the years, we have the means to get rid of it all for you, quickly and efficiently.

Moving house or office premises is stressful enough without having to worry about where all your waste is going to go. No matter how long you have been in a space, you are bound to amass more rubbish than you an deal with. No matter what it is, we can help you strip out all your old junk, get rid of it, and leave your place spotless.

Utilising our 10 years of experience in the industry with our dedicated, capable team to cater to your needs, we can tackle a job of any size and, of course, in an eco-conscious manner. Contact us today or book a free quote online!

If you are looking for an office strip out service, we are your guys too.